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CCTV is a relatively new surveillance gadget in the market aimed at enhancing safety and security measures. It is a closed-circuit television which is also known as video surveillance. Video cameras are used to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors.

Equipping the home or business setups with surveillance cameras is a perfect way to keep the area safe and secure. The quite popular saying PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE is very apt for this topic. Investing in a CCTV and staying secure is better than waiting for something to go wrong and then think about the security solutions. It certainly is easier to prevent a break-in rather than dealing with the aftermath.

Recently, we see almost every other building has CCTV installed. It has become a very common household/commercial gadget, which can be seen in individual houses, apartments, schools, shops, malls, small eat outs, big hotels, restaurants and bars, religious places, party halls, parks, jewellery shops, theatres, roads, etc. With increasing crimes, there is more need of being vigilant at all times, an all-round surveillance is becoming a necessity.

Once the decision has been taken to add a security system, the next most important step is choosing the right one, i.e., the type or the variant of the camera that needs to be installed. There are two main types of cameras which are bullet cameras and dome cameras. There are some very subtle differences between these two security cameras that we should be aware of.

With advancement in technology more new and unique features get added every now and then. Every new feature has its own unique property and value. Same is the case with the dome CCTVs and bullet CCTVs. Both are a mixed bag of pros and cons. One feature could suit one person’s need better and the other feature may suit another person's need better. Both dome CCTVs and bullet CCTVs have their own unique features which sets them apart, but each certainly have some short comings. Let us quickly have a look at the characteristics and the differences of these 2 variants of the CCTV.